I’m an R&D Engineer in the Cameras group at Blackmagic Design. I have previously worked as a postdoc in quantum physics labs at The University of Melbourne and in the Joint Quantum Institute at The University of Maryland. I also had a short stint in industry at Cylite Optics. I completed a PhD in physics at The University of Melbourne, and a Bachelor of Science (Science Scholar Program)(Honours) at Monash University.

Previous research focuses have included:

  • Nonlinear and quantum optics, specifically the generation and application of squeezed states of light
  • Atom cooling and trapping
  • Ultra-bright electron and ion beam generation
  • Ultrafast electron diffraction
  • Biological photoacoustic imaging

I now spend most my time coding, but I’m primarily an experimentalist by training. I dabble in pen-and-paper theory, and dive headlong into computer simulation. I love all things technical, and am the founder of Narwhal Devices where we are making high performance laboratory equipment using FPGAs.

Notes and publications

For a full list of my peer reviewed publications, see my Google Scholar profile. To view my research theses, and pedagogical notes about a range of physics topics, click on my notes page.