I’m a physicist currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Joint Quantum Institute at The University of Maryland. I completed a PhD in physics at The University of Melbourne, and a Bachelor of Science (Science Scholar Program)(Honours) at Monash University.

My current work is based around nonlinear and quantum optics, specifically the generation and application of squeezed states of light.

Previous research focuses have included:

  • Atom cooling and trapping
  • Ultra-bright electron and ion beam generation
  • Ultrafast electron diffraction
  • Biological photoacoustic imaging

I’m primarily an experimentalist, but I dabble in pen-and-paper theory, and dive headlong into computer simulation. I love all things technical, and I am currently making a hobby out of designing high performance laboratory equipment using FPGAs.

Notes and publications

For a full list of my peer reviewed publications, see my Google Scholar profile. To view my research theses, and pedagogical notes about a range of physics topics, click on my notes page.